EntraPass Video Vault Option
  • EntraPass Video Vault Option

EntraPass Video Vault Option

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Installed on the network, the optional Video Vault offers an alternative to manually saving each video clip one-by-one. Simply pre-define groups for the video clips (such as door forced open or rejected card) and Video Vault saves them to the appropriate group based on whatever schedules are chosen. The file type (.KVI, .KVA, .IMG, or .AVI) can be pre-designated prior to saving; and both .KVI and .KVA file types can be assigned password protection. Video clips can also be organized as .BMP images in lieu of icons. Select the first frame (taken from the onset of pre-alarm footage), the event frame (which coincides with the precise moment of the alarm), or any other frame within the clip. Video vault can connect up to 128 Intellex systems via integration with EntraPass and can archive the imported video to as many as 24 digital storage devices.

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