ES-3000 Series
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  • ES-3000 Series
  • ES-3000 Series

ES-3000 Series

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Full Managed Switch, ES-3000 Series
ES-3000 Series is a family of fully managed Layer 2 switches that support enterprise-class Layer 2 switching features including advanced QoS, security and simplified and intuitive management features allowing network administrators to build high performing robust network affordably.

ES-3000 Series comes in 8 models from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet offering multiple choices to meet the demands of various high performance network environments. Administrators can extend the existing networks or newly build the reliable and high-performing networks using sophisticated features optimized for SMBs and supporting both aggregation and access-level solutions.

To reduce the growing complexity and often time-consuming process, Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers an industry-unique solution called the UDM (Unified Device Manager). The UDM enables the network administrators to quickly and easily configure and manage multiple iPECS switches across the network contributing to reducing the installation and operation time, efforts and expenses for SMBs with limited resources and budgets.


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Thông tin sản phẩm ES-3000 Series


Easy to Install
The iPECS Ethernet Switches have plug and play capabilities such as Auto-negotiation of speed and duplex mode, Auto-MDI/MDIX, at-a-glance tri-colored intuitive status LEDs right on top of the ports. Its intuitive web user interface makes the installation and administration much easier

Smart Management using UDM
Ericsson-LG Enterprise offers a unique management tool, the Unified Device Manager (iPECS UDM), which enables the management of all iPECS product lines from IP Telephony to Data Networks via a single management interface. The iPECS UDM simplifies network administration and management using a single consistent and familiar interface.

Green Ethernet (Gigabit models only)
ES-3000 Series incorporate the latest green Ethernet technology to help you save energy costs for your network. ES-3000 Series detect link status, allowing each port to power down when the port is not connected or the connected device is not active. In addition, it detects cable length and adjusts the signal strength accordingly.

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)
Prioritization of the data on the network is essential to ensure that mission critical applications such as voice are delivered in a timely manner. The iPECS Ethernet Switch can classify packets into one of four different priority queues and serve each packet in the priority queues using WRR (Weighted Round Robin) or SPQ (Strict Priority Queuing) method.

Flexible Power over Ethernet (POE models only)
The Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS Ethernet POE switches are designed to support both 802.3af standard and 802.3at draft standard. Therefore, SMBs flexibly and cost effectively connect standard and high powered devices on a single Ericsson-LG Enterprise POE switch. In addition, the PoE control and monitoring can be easily managed via the intuitive web user interface.

Secure Networking
ES-3000 Series support key security features like RADIUS authentication and authorization as well as multi-layer filtering. All these management via web management sessions are secured with HTTPS encryption.


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