ES-4500G Series
  • ES-4500G Series
  • ES-4500G Series

ES-4500G Series

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Layer 3 Stacking Switch, ES-4500G Series
ES-4500G Series (4526G/ES-4550G) offers stacking of up to 8 units of either 24 or 48 port switches providing up to 384 Gigabit and 16 10G ports. It provides 24 or 48 built-in copper Gigabit ports, including four (4) Combo SFP ports supporting either copper links or SFP transceivers for easy, flexible connection to fiber-based Gigabit media and a switching capacity of up to 186Gbps. The 2 10G module slots on the rear of the switch support 10G Ethernet uplink connections providing XFP, 10GBASE-T, SFP+ ports without impacting front panel performance. These provide high bandwidth connections to the core of a network or high capacity servers and are in addition to the 2 stacking connectors giving high capacity connections to the other units in the stack.


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Easy to Install
The iPECS Ethernet Switches have plug and play capabilities such as Auto-negotiation of speed and duplex mode, Auto-MDI/MDIX, at-a-glance intuitive status LEDs right on top of the ports. Its intuitive web user interface makes the installation and administration much easier.

Layer 3
Routing capabilities are critical in the enterprise to offer maximum flexibility for rapidly changing network topologies and application demands. Supporting both Unicast and Multicast routing helps the deployment of flexible data, advanced video streaming and voice services from within a single switching infrastructure. These switches can be deployed as advanced edge networking hardware or as an aggregation switch to support larger numbers of basic edge devices.

Secure Networking
ES-4500G Series support key security features like RADIUS authentication and authorization as well as multilayer filtering. All these management via web management sessions are secured with HTTPS encryption.

High Availability
Provides backup power in case of power failure. 802.1w RSTP enables a loop free network and redundant links to the core network. MSTP and LACP provide load sharing and fault tolerance for connections. VRRP prevents your system from failing by dynamically backing up multiple L3 switches for routing.

IPv6 is becoming a mainstream solution being deployed in a wide range of networks to deliver future proofed connectivity for edge devices based on the latest standards. ES-4500G family supports both Unicast and Multicast IPv6 routing helping to deliver an easy to deploy future proofed solution using a single networking infrastructure. It works in parallel with the existing IPv4 routing infrastructure enabling reducing the need to make radical changes to the network topology and providing a way for a gradual switch over to the new solution. In addition to the routing features, ES-4500G family also supports IPv6 management offering a way to manage and monitor the switches using the latest networking standards.

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)
Prioritization of the data on the network is essential to ensure that mission critical applications such as voice are delivered in a timely manner. The Switches can classify packets into one of eight different priority queues and serve each packet in the priority queues using WRR (Weighted Round Robin) or SPQ (Strict Priority Queuing) method.


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