In-Vehicle / DP702
  • In-Vehicle / DP702

In-Vehicle / DP702

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7 inch LCD screen (rearview mirror screen) for vehicle

  • The new screen 16: 9 high-definition wide-viewing angle thin film transistor LCD.
  • Resolution 1024x600
  • Image can be adjusted to horizontal, vertical, mirror and general view.
  • Support manual night mode.
  • Supports multiple video standards: NTSC / AUTO / PAL.
  • Support trigger boot function.
  • Reversing automatic switching, special optical lenses, no picture can be used as a rear-view mirror.
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Thông tin sản phẩm In-Vehicle / DP702


Screen size
7 inch (16 : 9)
Resolution 1024(RGB)*600(pixel)
Backlight LED
Brightness 300cd/m2
Valid area
Perspective 90/90/90/90(L/R/U/D)    IPS Full view
Image format
Operation method
Full  function remote controller   /   keys
I / O wire

1.Power Plug

2. AV1 4pin female aviation cable

3.AV2 4pin Male aviation cable

Operating Voltage
Power consumption
Operating temperature -20°C~+70°C RH95%Max
Size (bare metal)

174*114*32(mm)(Length / width / height)

194*134*25.5(mm)(Length / width / height) (Wall mount)

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