I/O Controller / CC021
  • I/O Controller / CC021

I/O Controller / CC021

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  • 32 yuan RISC microcontroller, ARM® Cortex ™ -M3 architecture, the operating frequency of 50MHZ.
  • Built-in 10 / 100M Ethernet network PORT.
  • You can read all kinds of external interfaces of the head, such as WIEGAND, RS232 and so on.
  • With a Micro SD Push Push Type card slot that accepts a variety of capacity of the SD card.
  • SD memory card to FAT32 file format, PC compatible computer can be accessed directly.
  • It can store 50,000 pen coded information and credit card records of 50,000 pens.
  • Straight with 8DI / 8DO input and output points, and the corresponding LED display its status.
  • Two external reader, do one into a control.
  • 200 holiday group control function.
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