Kantech Advantage Program (KAP)
  • Kantech Advantage Program (KAP)

Kantech Advantage Program (KAP)

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As EntraPass security software continues to deliver new features and enhancements, it is more important than ever to have the productivity tools and training support to effectively use this solution. Having the latest version of EntraPass provides you with new features such as wireless lock integration, Active Directory (LDAP) integration and other features or integrations that are very useful for managing your system. Kantech also maintains compatibility with the latest Windows Operating System.

New installations of EntraPass software include a license to the current official version of the product and the right to update/upgrade the software for 12 months. The Kantech Advantage Program (KAP) - available from authorized Kantech dealers - provides an additional 12 months of updates and upgrades.

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