PABX System Hybrid IP-PBX Mixed System

PABX System Monitor-mix-Saving Management cost savings

Modern working environment requires increasingly dynamic, professional and managed effectively. Based on this fact, Panasonic has research and development packages breakthrough solutions to provide the tools to work effectively and improve the ability to monitor and manage not only business telecommunications systems that system of business activities: Management, cost savings, enhanced performance ...

The system contacts up to 10,000 numbers, calling just clicks.

Displays the number of calls to follow contacts (Popup screen on PC)

Personal Call Management (Outgoing calls, missed calls, failed calls ...)

Status display of network internal ext. Friendly interface, easy to use.

A Status

Ext monitor the status of the entire staff.

Monitoring the entire process of using the phone's staff. (Go to number 128).

Listen alternating calls.

The ability to report details each employee in many different custom.

IP camera support interface display screen at the same time 4

Wireless broadcasting

Wide Coverage

Voice quality is very high

Terminals highly interactive.

You can make calls anywhere and customers never have to wait for you.

Door Phone

Replies even open without leaving your desk.

It can be opened by landline or mobile phone

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