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  • 3S IP Product on the go
  • Dual E-Map Monitoring
  • Real-Time Multi-Split Screen Monitor
  • Central Management of 512 channels
  • Instant Event Notification
  • Support multi-screen display
  • Video recording and snapshot
  • Support E-map function for IP Camera
  • Friendly graphic user interface
  • Remote Control
  • 16CH Free Trial
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Thông tin sản phẩm Software / CMS


Max. Channels 16ch
512ch (License)
Basic Software
13 Kinds of Language Selection
Reserved Space Set-up(MB、%、Day)
File path Set-up(5 paths)
Time Synchronization
Set-up FPS for Live-View
Set-up Keyframe for Live-View
Space recycle(A recovery of about 2GB)
Original video ratio
Search 3S device search / ONVIF device search
Camera Instant Message(Resolution、fps、bitrate) / Instant Status
Connection related setting modification
Camera parameter setting
Layout Layout Layout mode switch
Image Tour Tour sequence
Snapshot Snapshot in Liveview/ Snapshot in Playback
Browser Open camera IE web page
Recording Manual recording
General schedule recording
Event trigger recording
General schedule recording media data duration setting
Recording time prediction
Event trigger recording media data duration setting
Playback Playback speed
Synchronized playback / Unsynchronized playback
Video file export
Back up Instant backup / Scheduled backup /
Back-up path choice / Recycled back up space
Log System log search and export
Event search and export
Statistic log search and export
E-mail Notification System and camera status notification
PTZ Control Speed setting
Pre-set position setting
Tour setting
Zoom in/out
Focus Far/Near
Group Group setting / Group tour
Joystick(Keyboard) Joystick setting (Support USB)
E-Map E-map setting
Lock UI lock down setting
Relay Relay setting
User Add/Modify User permission
Failover system Set-up monitoring servers
Warning Window
Warning window setting
Image pause on/off
Parameter Tour Parameter Tour
Flip Video image flip
Audio Audio On/Off
Audio Broadcast setting
Other Muti screen display
IVA count on/off
Fisheye control
Full screen
Memory digital zoom position
Alternating channel
AUX setting
Move to specified channel
Configurable zoom multiple digitally
Display storage space, CPU loading
Rebuild DB
VMS Software user manual


System Requirements

Max. Recording Channels 16CH 512CH
Max. Live View Channels Full frame Key frame Full frame Key frame
9CH 16CH 16CH 64CH
Playback 4CH 9CH 9CH 16CH
Server (Recording Channels) 4CH 4CH
CPU Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7
VGA Card 1G Video RAM 1G Video RAM
Network Interface Card 10/100/1000 Ethernet x1 10/100/1000 Ethernet x2
OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 , 10 / Server 2003, 2008

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