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  • Software / HD MSS

Software / HD MSS

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HD Management Streaming Server

  • Management up to unlimited video/audio stream in for live viewing.
  • Management up to 256 video/audio stream out for live viewing.
  • Stream live to any device, anywhere.
  • Distributed architecture and TCP/IP protocol for all environments.
  • Custom user groups.
  • H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG format supported.
  • Motion and alarm messages relay simultaneously.
  • Support video live view and Stream relay.
  • Provides account permission to set playback and PTZ functions.
  • Manage users can watch real-time use, monitoring the number of transferred stream.
  • You can watch the traffic load.
  • Multi-card switching, managing traffic.
  • Support multiple real-time viewing.
  • MSS supports multiple real-time video to multiple needs of Client Viewer.
  • MSS can capture and relay HDRC video stream to HDCC for playback and live view.
  • Copy the same stream to multiple client view.
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