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Software / HDRC

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  • Supports 128 cameras
  • Software installs in minutes and requires minimal configuration
  • Cameras can be installed in a batch at once
  • Long-term storage system with high performance
  • Advanced, smart searching mechanism
  • Supports remote live view & playback
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Maximum Number of Clients 2 5 Unlimited

Number of Cameras Per Server

32 64 128


Server Features

Server Monitoring Network traffic monitoring, event monitoring, recording monitoring, IPC status, disc space usage
Group Layout Group related cameras for easy access and viewing
Events Panel Display event alarms, connection status, disc space status
Live Video Preview Real-time view of network camera video
Supported Devices 3S network cameras,VMS,standalone NVR,partial ONVIF support for third party cameras
Management of connected devices Manage image settings, network settings, and IVA of connected devices from within HDRC



Scheduled Recording User-defined recording schedules
Event Recoring Automatic recording when alarm events are triggered, including pre-event buffered video
Manual Recoring Start and stop video recording with mouse click
Video Recording Rate Maximum 960 fps; Maximum 30 fps per camera Maximum 1920fps;Maximum 30 fps per camera Maximum 3840fps; Maximum 30 fps per camera
Recorded Video Backup Supports 2 disc paths for backup
Video Encoding H.265, H.264, MJPEG



Time-based Recording Search Search for recorded video by time, channel, library, or folder
Snap-shot Instant snapshot replay
Digital Zoom Zoom in/out digitally by PiP (Picture-in-Picture)
Export Video Export video clips in AVI or RAW format; text overlay supported


Event Management

Event Trigger Motion detection, passive IR sensor, external device through digital input, SD card errors
Event Response Recording, snapshot, email notification, PTZ movement to preset points, and activate external devices
Event Recording Schedule User-defined time schedules of events


Remote Access

PC Client Application Installed application for remote live view, PTZ control, playback, and event management
PC Web Browser Internet Explorer remote live view, PTZ control, playback, and event management
Mobile Client Application 3VMS mobile application supports live view, PTZ control, event or time based search and playback “Supported devices: iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android devices”
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8 ,Windows 10 , Windows Server 2012
Supported Browsers Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11



System Protection Timed password application lock
Connection Security Remote user permission based rights
System Information Save 50,000 records daily

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